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Advisory Board

Advisory Board information can only be submitted by invitation only.  If you have reach this page without a direct invitation from your project, please reach out to your project's director.
Thank you for agreeing to serve as an Advisory Board (AB) member for a project of Tides Advocacy. We are pleased to introduce you to Tides Advocacy fiscal sponsorship for hundreds of nonprofit projects nationwide and to help you understand the unique role you play in advancing your project's mission. 

To understand the importance of the roles of each governing body at Tides Advocacy, it is important to have familiarity with the term "fiduciary". The duties of a fiduciary include both loyalty and reasonable care of the assets within custody. 

All of the fiduciary's actions are performed for the advantage of the beneficiary. In a nonprofit, the "community" served is the beneficiary of all donated funds. In the Tides Advocacy model, Tides Advocacy Board of Directors and project AB members both hold fiduciary responsibility. The Tides Advocacy Board is responsible for compliance with all governmental, financial, and employment laws and regulations. The project Advisory Boards are caretakers of the project's mission and are responsible for supporting the project and its director, maintaining project financial sustainability and ensuring project impact. Tides Advocacy directors and project AB members are covered under the same directors and officers insurance policy. Each AB member is required to fill out this form and sign our Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form.

Tides Advocacy’s goal is to help your project develop a strong and enthusiastic team of advisors. You can arrange for consultations on any board issue throughout the year, and Tides can provide written materials to support you in your role. Please take advantage of Tides Advocacy AB development resources, consultations and webinar trainings offered monthly by web conference.

The responsibilities are critical to our relationship. Each Project Director and AB member should review the detailed responsibilities. Each AB member must acknowledge their understanding and agreement to take on the role by signing the form. Please contact your advisor at Tides Advocacy if anything is unclear. 

AB members must agree that they will not, without first receiving written authorization signed by an officer or director of Tides Advocacy, during their term of office or at any time after the termination of their term, remove from Tides Advocacy premises or otherwise divulge to any other person or entity the contents of any records or any other information of any kind relating to the business of Tides Advocacy or Tides Advocacy projects.