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Fierce Collaborators.

About us

We're a team of political, financial, operational, and legal experts deeply committed to advancing social justice.

From navigating the complexities of advocacy to solving financial issues to answering compliance questions, we've got our partners covered. Beyond that, we're partners in your work. We make connections, bridge gaps, and find unconventional solutions so that you can build political power and change systems and policies so they work for everyone.

Since 1994, we've advanced some of the most crucial policies. From holding elected officials accountable to criminal justice reform, we are impacting people's lives for the better. 

Photo of two Tides Advocacy staff members smiling at the camera
How We're Different

With us on your side, you can flex even greater political muscle to shape policies and systems that work for the people most affected by injustice.

Tides Advocacy’s nurturing and contributions are so important for the California EJ movement. 

Melissa White
California Environmental Justice Alliance
Meet Our Trusted Partners

Movement leaders, innovators, and donors on the leading edge of social justice.

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Be a part of what's next by accelerating the work of today's most innovative social justice leaders.

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