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a healthy democracy.

We improve our democracy by ensuring all people have a voice across all levels of power.

From civic engagement to restoring voting rights, our work to build a healthy democracy is broad and far-reaching. We actively seek out initiatives that reflect all walks of life, build electoral power, use technology and data to engage communities, and promote an accessible census.

Our Partnerships

FRRC is Tapping Into Shared Humanity in Florida

There are only three states with a law restricting former felons’ right to vote, and in Florida, the problem is at its worst. In 2017, Tides Advocacy partnered with the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition to get the Voting Restoration Amendment (Amendment 4) on the ballot. They are now inspiring a movement of thousands locally and nationally.

Our Partnerships

Lead Locally Keeps Fossil Fuels In The Ground

Lead Locally joined Tides Advocacy in 2016 to engage and organize around local elections that don’t get very much attention or resources in areas where pollution impacts will be disproportionately felt by low-income communities and communities of color. Their community organizing is stopping fossil fuel projects before they get started. “No one else offers the kind and level of support that Tides Advocacy does around c4 and electoral work.”

DemLabs helps progressive groups with innovative new apps and expertise. We needed a fiscal sponsor that could respond quickly, advise us on strategy and help introduce us to potential partners. We're delighted we chose Tides Advocacy. They have come through for us, over and over again. 

Deepak Puri
Our Partners In Democracy.

Shared Roots Donor Alliance


The Jewish Vote


Orange County Civic Engagement Table Action (OCCETA)


Inland Empire United


Hometown Project


Flip the Vote


Detroit Action


Lead Locally

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Our Services
Wisdom & Experience.

We provide political infrastructure, capacity building, grant-making support, and advising services to incubate innovative advocacy initiatives. Our partnerships bridge boundaries and spark sustained investment for social change.

Start a fund

We amplify the giving strategies of donors interested in using advocacy to achieve equity and lasting social change.

Start A collaborative

We foster unlikely and resilient partnerships across our network of policy makers, philanthropists, private sector leaders, and activists to drive policy reform.


We provide deep expertise in the areas of legal compliance, infrastructure, grantmaking, landscape research, and political strategy.

Start A Project

We provide comprehensive infrastructure to build and accelerate the ability of changemakers to use a political strategy to change policies and systems.

Capacity Building

We grow the knowledge and skills of movement leaders that are taking on new challenges.

Wisdom & Experience
The Services We Offer Help You Create The Biggest Impact.