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Equality & human rights.

Protecting the rights and freedoms of all people.

We accelerate the work of people who are protecting and advancing the rights of individuals and communities across race, ethnicity, geography, age, gender, sexual orientation, immigration status, and citizenship. We have deep expertise when it comes to criminal justice reform, reproductive justice, and voting rights.

Our Partnerships

Justice Teams Network Holds Police Accountable Across CA

Across the United States, police and other law enforcement consistently shoot and kill thousands of people each year without accountability. In California, nearly 200 people were affected by this state violence last year, having disastrous ripple effects on their families and communities. Through radical dreaming, the Justice Teams Network (JTN) was founded in 2015 to…

Our Partnerships

FRRC is Tapping Into Shared Humanity in Florida

There are only three states with a law restricting former felons’ right to vote, and in Florida, the problem is at its worst. In 2017, Tides Advocacy partnered with the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition to get the Voting Restoration Amendment (Amendment 4) on the ballot. They are now inspiring a movement of thousands locally and nationally.

Our Partnerships

CEJA Action Brings Environmental Justice to Sacramento

The environmental movement has historically been white-led and is only now starting to address racial justice in its work. Tides Advocacy provided multi-year seed funding, strategic support, and fiscal sponsorship to create CEJA Action, which works with community-based environmental justice groups to increase their electoral power. CEJA Action is now a strong presence in Sacramento, taking positions on state measures and helping elect environmental justice champions into office.

Being a part of Tides Advocacy allows us to focus more time and energy on the issues that impact our families, our friends, and ourselves. That means we can move the ball further, faster. If they weren’t part of the equation, we wouldn’t have gotten to where we are now.

Desmond Meade
Florida Rights Restoration Coalition
Our Partners In Equality and human rights.

Movement For Black Lives Action Fund

Rethink Media Advocacy


California Environmental Justice Alliance Action

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Equity in Advance


Smart Justice California


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Mass Liberation Arizona


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Mass Liberation Project


Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice Action


Black Leaders Organizing for Communities (BLOC)

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Wisdom & Experience.

We provide political infrastructure, capacity building, grant-making support, and advising services to incubate innovative advocacy initiatives. Our partnerships bridge boundaries and spark sustained investment for social change.

Start a fund

We amplify the giving strategies of donors interested in using advocacy to achieve equity and lasting social change.

Start A collaborative

We foster unlikely and resilient partnerships across our network of policy makers, philanthropists, private sector leaders, and activists to drive policy reform.


We provide deep expertise in the areas of legal compliance, infrastructure, grantmaking, landscape research, and political strategy.

Start A Project

We provide comprehensive infrastructure to build and accelerate the ability of changemakers to use a political strategy to change policies and systems.

Capacity Building

We grow the knowledge and skills of movement leaders that are taking on new challenges.

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