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Shared Prosperity.

Creating economic opportunity and fighting inequality of all forms.

We support a world where every family can be supported by a living wage job, obtain affordable housing, access high quality education and job training, and receive long-term care in their communities.

Tides Advocacy was a critical partner in supporting grassroots organizing efforts around the Flint water crisis. Directly impacted people were on the ground building power with Flint residents while Tides Advocacy handled the back-end operations that are critical to movement work.

Art Reyes
Flint Rising
Our Partners In shared Prosperity

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Flint Rising


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Our Services
Wisdom & Experience.

We provide political infrastructure, capacity building, grant-making support, and advising services to incubate innovative advocacy initiatives. Our partnerships bridge boundaries and spark sustained investment for social change.

Start a fund

We amplify the giving strategies of donors interested in using advocacy to achieve equity and lasting social change.

Start A collaborative

We foster unlikely and resilient partnerships across our network of policy makers, philanthropists, private sector leaders, and activists to drive policy reform.


We provide deep expertise in the areas of legal compliance, infrastructure, grantmaking, landscape research, and political strategy.

Start A Project

We provide comprehensive infrastructure to build and accelerate the ability of changemakers to use a political strategy to change policies and systems.

Capacity Building

We grow the knowledge and skills of movement leaders that are taking on new challenges.

Wisdom & Experience
The Services We Offer Help You Create The Biggest Impact.