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As a 501(c)(4) initiative, the Healthy Democracy Action Fund (HDAF) is committed to fundamentally changing the balance of power in U.S. politics by building the influence of historically marginalized and underrepresented communities, with a focus on mobilizing for elections, shaping the public agenda, and demanding policy change. Above all, to achieve this change we need sustained, vigorous participation of those directly affected by injustice and those disaffected with a political system that benefits from their exclusion.

Centering on these communities and supporting their power building work  is essential to securing progressive wins now in a way that catalyzes transformative victories in the longer term.

Launched in 2020, to date, HDAF has supported 50 organizations led by Black people, Indigenous people and people of color through a total of $6.1M. Visit our HDAF website for more information on past grantmaking.

Power-building organizations continue to forge a path toward social justice and liberation, not only through important electoral achievements but also in ensuring that a strong community base retains influence the day after the election and beyond. Tides Advocacy is inspired by the movement’s ability to shift entire programs in response to COVID-19, find creativity and joy driving electoral efforts as the rules changed, and lead with clarity of vision.

Political Movement Infrastructure Project 

Please note that the submission period has now closed.

Our belief is that a strong, permanent political infrastructure is core to navigating complexity and building community power for the long-term. And that greater community influence in politics and policymaking can lead to justice. 


We also understand that no two movement processes look the same. That’s why the Healthy Democracy Action Fund is making a call for proposals to strengthen our collective political infrastructure, starting with investments in individual organizations and movements. 

HDAF is interested in funding infrastructure priorities that support your vision for liberation through internal systems, organizational strengthening,  and tools. We will make one-time 501(c)(4) grants to support your vision for sustainable, independent political infrastructure for transformational change.  

Movement infrastructure investments will reflect each organization’s unique vision and priorities, and can range from strengthening your digital communications platform to better engage community members,  to advancing integrated safety and security planning.  

To be eligible for support: 

  • Work should be led by communities directly impacted by injustice, especially efforts led by BIPOC communities 
  • Organizations or groups should have a budget of under $2M. 
  • Grant request ranges from $25,000 – $50,000 
  • Organization or group is invested in building long-term, independent political power 

Grant submissions will be reviewed by an advisory committee of Tides Advocacy movement partners. (See below)

Please note that the submission period closed on September 15;  Tides Advocacy will follow up with organizations by early November.  

Political Infrastructure Project Advisory Committee

We are grateful for the leadership and strategic direction from our Advisory Committee.

Jonathan Bix – For the Many

Anathea Chino – Advance Native Political Leadership Action Fund

Lenisha Gibson – Dream Defenders

Quentin Savwoir – Make It Work NV

Mabel Tsang- CEJA Action

Regina Tsang- Rising Voices