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When survival isn’t enough

Photo of Romy Justilien speaking at a podium with her arms raised

Right now we’re seeing how our country is willing to sacrifice the most vulnerable, the elderly, Black and Brown bodies, the homeless, and the poor to protect capitalism at all costs. Our safety nets are not enough, philanthropy can’t fill the gap, and nonprofits are barely hanging on. When the very lives of our communities…

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Tides Advocacy Announces Romilda Justilien as Chief Executive Officer, Launches Healthy Democracy Action Fund

Leading Progressive Advocacy Organization Focuses on Building Political Power for an Equitable Democracy SAN FRANCISCO, April 30, 2020 — Romilda (Romy) Justilien has been appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Tides Advocacy, one of the largest 501(c)(4) infrastructure organizations serving progressive movement leaders and funders across the United States. In its first major action under…

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We Need You: Support the leaders fighting for our democracy

The COVID-19 health crisis is exposing society’s cracks, injustices, and inequities. It is disproportionately impacting people of color, incarcerated people, and the marginalized communities we support.  Now is not the time to pause on building long-term political power. Which is why, today, we’re asking for your support.  The Community Well-Being and Resilience Fund Tides Advocacy…

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