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Collaboration is more than a tool; it’s a mindset.

In our collaborative work, we focus on two major goals: bridging gaps and creating sustained investment for social change. We co-create, incubate, and manage collaborative efforts that have staying power and far-reaching influence. As both a fierce co-collaborator and a neutral platform, we play a unique role in convening, directing, and managing coalitions and collective efforts. Collaboratives at Tides Advocacy often provide a shared 501(c)(4) infrastructure that allows coalitions and partnerships to take their work to the next level.

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CEJA Action Brings Environmental Justice to Sacramento

The environmental movement has historically been white-led and is only now starting to address racial justice in its work. Tides Advocacy provided multi-year seed funding, strategic support, and fiscal sponsorship to create CEJA Action, which works with community-based environmental justice groups to increase their electoral power. CEJA Action is now a strong presence in Sacramento, taking positions on state measures and helping elect environmental justice champions into office.

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