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Prepared to Meet the Moment: Tides Advocacy Announces New Leadership Team Members

As I reflect on the state of our world & nation, it is critical to expand and strengthen 501c4 power to not only empower liberatory systems and practices but to also transform our political landscape. I am deeply grateful to share some exciting developments at Tides Advocacy that will enable us to meet this critical moment!

Tides Advocacy has partners in over 20 states, managing over $100 million dollars, and supporting over 300 employees. There are attacks on multiple fronts, and our shift to become a pro-Black organization means that we’ve been in deep conversation on the structure of our teams, building an election ready organization (every season), mutual aid, security and safety, healing justice, joint fundraising opportunities, and storytelling support.

With a pressing need to ensure that we can provide deep and broad knowledge and services to our partners, I am happy to say we have hit an exciting scaling moment and have responded by adding some additional leadership to our Tides Advocacy team so that we may lean into the growth of our network and address the needs of our community. I am so grateful to be joined by three powerful women who care deeply for the 501c4 work that we support and have jumped in as new leadership team members. Jen JorczakRenita Francois, and Jessica Mofield are bold women who bring political, legal, and operational expertise.

Jen Jorczak (she/her) joined our team as General Counsel. Jen, a political, lobbying, and risk management guru, brings 18 years of experience in advocacy and legal work with Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, and other Planned Parenthood organizations to bear for broader social justice and policy reform. She is known for collaboration with advocacy and political staff, fundraisers, finance staff, CEOs, and board members, as well as legal and compliance staff, to ensure effective and compliant advocacy, lobbying, and electoral programs. Jen directs Tides Advocacy’s legal strategy and leads the LRC (Legal, Risk and Compliance) team.

Renita Francois (she/her) is our Chief Strategy Officer and will closely oversee our programmatic strategy and field building work, as well as managing our Advising team with our Managing Director. Renita is supporting Tides Advocacy’s strategic pivot to become a pro-Black organization and will help us move towards a movement centered fiscal sponsorship model. Renita previously served as the Executive Director of the Mayor’s Action Plan for Neighborhood Safety, a citywide, multi-agency intervention that centers public housing resident voices and priorities in the civic process. Her leadership approach is a reflection of her experience working directly with Black and Brown communities facing multilayered systemic challenges.


Jessica Mofield (she/her) is our Chief Advancement Officer and will oversee our sustainability and communications strategy for our organization. Jessica will be supporting our reparations framework and leveraging storytelling for narrative shift on the power of grassroots c4 organizations. Most recently, she served as the Executive Director for the NYC Mayor’s Office to Prevent Gun Violence and as a founding leader of the NYC Office of Neighborhood Safety, where she led the vision, growth, and strategy of New York City’s $150M gun violence initiatives to transform and scale government’s approach to public safety, community investment, and social justice.

Learn more about our leadership team members here.

Our stellar and robust women-led team is positioned to bring Tides Advocacy to a new level of expertise and excellence. We look forward to collectively working with our partners to ensure their success as well as growing and sharpening our offerings so that our movement work can meet this critical moment in our nation.

In Solidarity,