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Reproductive Justice and the 2022 Elections

After the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, reproductive health and rights are effectively on the ballot in 2022. Kansas voters have already spoken decisively, defeating an attempt to remove protections for abortion rights from their state constitution in early August.

To ensure more wins nationwide, organizations – especially BIPOC-led power-building organizations – like the following are fighting for reproductive justice:

Groundswell Action All Above All Action
Mothering Justice Action Fund (MI)
Color Action Fund (CO)
WV Free Action Fund

Here are 12 key states where the elections determine who has access to reproductive health care. The reproductive justice advocacy and political groups are listed in each state. We hope this survey clarifies your understanding of the political landscape.


  • Alaska Native Vote
  • Alaska Action Fund


Alaska holds a referendum every ten years on whether to hold a constitutional convention. The state’s constitution currently protects abortion access, meaning that if the referendum passes, reproductive justice advocates will need even further support to ensure a convention would keep those protections.


  • Mass Liberation Arizona*
  • Arizona Wins
  • Mijente


The Maricopa County (Phoenix) prosecutor election will determine whether the county will prosecute patients or abortion providers. The Arizona Attorney General has authority over local prosecutors and could potentially use that authority to override local decisions on whether to prosecute patients and providers.


  • Working Families Organization (CA)
  • Orange County Civic Engagement Table Action
  • Inland Empire United*
  • Bay Rising
  • CHIRLA Action Fund
  • Power CA


California enables access to abortions. A ballot referendum could codify the state’s constitution’s right to abortion and contraception.


  • Florida Immigrant Coalition
  • Black Voters Matter Florida
  • Florida for All


The Pasco-Pinellas County (home to 1.5M people) prosecutor election pits a candidate who would not prosecute patients or providers against an incumbent who will.


  • Kentuckians for the Commonwealth


Anti-abortion activists in Kentucky are pushing a constitutional amendment vote that would say the state constitution has no protection for abortions. If the amendment passes, it will foreclose any pro-abortion legislative or legal strategies outside of changing the constitution.


  • Mothering Justice Action Fund
  • Detroit Action*
  • We the People
  • Michigan United


An amendment is on the ballot to enshrine abortion rights in the state constitution. Michigan already has an abortion ban, but the current Democratic governor, who is up for reelection, has vetoed multiple extreme anti-abortion bills. Two state supreme court elections could flip the court in Republicans’ favor and foreclose pro-abortion legal strategies.


  • Forward Montana
  • Montana Native Vote
  • Indigenous Vote


A fetal personhood amendment is on the ballot, and an essential state supreme court election in a state where the constitution protects abortion and a more conservative state supreme court could change that.

North Carolina

  • Advance Carolina
  • Carolina Federation
  • Down Home North Carolina
  • Durham For All


Abortion is legal in North Carolina, but that could change with several state supreme court elections this fall. In addition, North Carolina’s Democratic governor currently vetoes anti-abortion legislation, but if Republicans can pick up seats in the state legislature, they could obtain a veto- proof majority.


  • One Pennsylvania
  • Make the Road Action PA
  • Asian Pacific Islander Political Alliance PA
  • Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition
  • Pennsylvania United
  • Pennsylvania Stands Up
  • Working Families Organization (PA)


Abortion rights exist in Pennsylvania due to the vetoes of the Democratic governor. The race for governor this year is effectively a referendum on abortion rights. There is also the opportunity for Democrats to make gains in the state legislature due to fairer maps, a legislative body that Republicans have controlled for decades.


  • Battleground Texas
  • JOLT Action
  • MOVE Texas
  • Texas Organizing Project
  • Texas Rising
  • Mijente


The district attorneys of Bexar and Dallas counties signed a letter vowing not to prosecute abortion, and both are running for re-election. The Democratic candidates for DA running in Hays and Tarrant counties have also pledged not to prosecute patients or providers. Statewide, the contrast on the issue is significant between the incumbent AG and the Democratic challenger.


  • Rights and Democracy Vermont


Vermont, like California, currently allows abortions, and a ballot measure would codify abortion and contraceptive rights into the state constitution.


  • Black Leaders Organizing Communities*
  • Leaders Igniting Transformation Action Fund
  • Voces de la Frontera Action


The incumbent governor, who will grant clemency to anyone convicted under the state’s abortion ban, is up for reelection. At the county level, sheriff elections in Dane (Madison), Milwaukee, and Eau Claire have candidates that pledge not to use their department’s resources to investigate abortion cases.

*Denotes a fiscally sponsored project of Tides Advocacy