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Power of Us Fund
Credit: Joseph Gruber
Credit: Joseph Gruber

We are the power we are looking for

Tides Advocacy launched the Power of Us Fund at the end of 2021 to support a culturally responsive and movement-centered model for the safety and sustainability of progressive and BIPOC-led 501(c)4 organizations.

The Power of Us Fund believes in the liberatory imagination of progressive Black, Indigenous, and People of Color-led organizations that challenge and replace oppressive, capitalist, and white supremacist structures.

Our mission is to prioritize innovation to inform, influence, and build independent political power at the local, state, and federal levels.

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We are committed to affirming the power of us by mobilizing and moving resources to 501(c)4 movements to focus on:

REST. Our movements are sacred. Holistic safety and security support are needed to protect the longevity and future of our movements.

RESILIENCE. We are leveraging our legal, advising, and compliance expertise to strengthen movement infrastructure.

RESISTANCE. Co-creating coalition building for connection, strategic alignment, and narrative shift for building independent power and emergent possibilities.

Together we can change the culture of philanthropy by investing in POWER.

By donating to the Power of Us Fund, you are:

SUSTAINING THE FUTURE OF MOVEMENTS. We are disrupting anti-Blackness by providing access to safety and security support.

BUILDING STRONGER SELF-DETERMINED COMMUNITIES. Your advocacy helps to build strength and power to amplify our work.

INCREASING CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION. Your support builds, sustains, and resources the infrastructure necessary for communities to mobilize for political change.

We are deeply grateful for your support, and will work tirelessly alongside our fiscally sponsored projects and grantees to ensure that your donation has the most significant possible impact.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about our work, please don't hesitate to contact Jessica Mofield, Chief Advancement Officer, at [email protected]

*For a list of partners, please click on the donate button to give to one of our many projects doing leading-edge advocacy and organizing work

Collectively, we can make a real difference by amplifying the Power of Us.