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Our Commitment to Impact

In 2018, Tides Advocacy strengthened our commitment to building political power with and for the people most affected by injustice. We believe that communities most impacted by injustice have the experiential wisdom and policy solutions we need. Equity is at the center of our work.

In 2017, we spent time listening to our staff, partners, and thought leaders on what is needed to realize our shared vision of a world of shared prosperity and social justice. We realized we needed to go deeper in three areas:

  • Investments: Sustain investments in marginalized communities so they can flex their political muscles to advance equitable policies and systems
  • Partnerships: Bridge and align political investments and strategies to achieve policy wins
  • Capacity: Make political expertise and infrastructure accessible to communities most impacted by injustice

Investments. Partnerships. Expertise. This is what impact looks like when we’re striving to transform policies and systems. We promise to unleash the power of our network to advance policies and systems that work for each and every one of us.

Equally important to what we are trying to achieve is the how. We have three principles guiding our work:

  • Equity: Our relationships are grounded in equity, authenticity, and respect. We are both learners and teachers, we respectfully engage on tough issues, and we actively seek diverse perspectives.
  • Solidarity: Communities have the knowledge, resources, and experience to contribute to the long-term endeavor of achieving equity. We work together so each of us can leverage our unique strengths, assets, and influence for lasting social change.
  • Adaptability: New avenues for success constantly emerge when you are agile and focused. We focus on our long-term goals while staying open to emergent possibilities, energy, and ideas.

Equity. Solidarity. Adaptability. We are living into these principles every day because it takes each of these to drive investments, build partnerships, and increase capacity for our network of changemakers to achieve the policy wins we need today and tomorrow.

None of these insights are revolutionary, putting them into practice every day is. As we build power and accelerate winning strategies, we are excited to have a clear anchor in our values and sail to guide our impact.